Nature of the Company

      RODAL Telecommunication and General Services was established by Mr. Roman C. Daluz in BagongSikat, Agoncillo, Batangas on 1997. This sole proprietorship kind of business became successful after facing trails and challenges in the competitive field. The company started in its humble beginning by taking the risk of contracting various telecommunication companies and doing civil works within the vicinity. Started with almost four (4) vehicles and few types of equipment, the company became an established company.
      RODAL boasts of its position as a Telecommunication and General Services company. RODAL also challenge itself to live up to its customer’s expectation. What makes RODAL different from other company is that it maintains the employee’s integrity and the quality of work for almost fifteen (15) years in the business.
      RODAL’s corporate structure is focused on communication and civil works. Also, expanding to construction business as well. Management keep open lines of communication and has high regard for every team member’s ideas and suggestions. The company believes that each member of the company is capable and competent to produce ideas that can uplift the standards of the company. The company also places emphasis on team work and not competition amongst team members. With these, management is able to promote a healthy working environment within the organization.


The market being provided by RODAL Telecom is comprised by class A,B, and C who are engage with telecommunications, construction and people relations. Targeting the market of male and female ages 20-60 years old, engaging with services of telecommunications, construction and other general services.tage of RODAL over other companies.


Numbers of contractors who are present in the field who offer the same services that we do, nationwide there are hundreds of contracting companies having the same offerings and products rendered, segmented per area and location. RODAL Telecom and Gen. Services, focusing on the area of Southern Luzon, competes indirectly with various contractors which offers the same services and rendering their offerings in the same area and other locations as well.


In terms of pricing, RODAL Telecom focuses on the quality of work and the right spending of resources and materials. RODAL is offering competitive pricing that will make the best of the deal that will cover all of the computed detailed work scopes and the activities need to be accomplished in a certain period of time. Prices varies with the work scopes, time table, man power, materials and others that will be a beneficial factor in dealing with the project prosposal.


RODAL Telecom renders its service for almost fifteen (15) years, dealing with different companies and different projects. RODAL have wide experience and expertise in terms of communication and construction areas. Doing quality works, meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations about the work done is the corporate advantage of RODAL over other companies.